Touching lives of patients with quality products since 2012, Mackenzie Pharmaceuticals has evolved and
has only begun to show its promise as a growing company. Quality products are the most important
factor to connect and improve the business of healthcare. In sync with this ideology, we at Mackenzie
put purity on priority. The Company has successfully marketed products for Vertigo, Asthma, Gastro-
intestinal disorders, Diabetes management supported by anti-allergy and pain management medication.
A growing team of professionals works relentlessly in the pursuit of healthy happiness for all patients.

About Us

We set up Mackenzie based on our 30 years of industry experience. So we know the needs and basic
requirements of human health very well. That knowledge helps us to understand what ingredients can
be used for a particular disease. Our every product is lab tested. Our USP is quality because we know
only quality can ensure good health.
The only concern of Mackenzie team is to give you healthy happiness. So, you are in safe hands.